How to make Picanha Recipe ?

One of Brazil’s most darling barbecued meats, Picanha is the name of the dish, just as the name of the cut utilized in the dish. The cut comes from the highest point of the creature’s back and is on the butt. The meat is cut into cuts, sprinkled liberally, pierced, and cooked over the coals. At the point when you’re done, cut the meat and serve the external cuts. The excess Picanha meat is salted again and put over hot coals, caramelized outwardly, and cut ​​again for another serving. The lead of the Brazilian Churrasqueiras (grill café), presented dishes, for example, farofa, rice and beans, and vinaigrette.

Cooking Tips:

Picanha Cut:

The Picanha is a regular cut in Brazil and South America. Three-sided meat on the rear of the cow, over the bottom. On top is a thick layer of fat around 1/2 inch (1 cm) thick. Preferably, the weight ought not to surpass 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg). Assuming it’s greater than that, you’re bound to get different meats.

Picagna cut outside of Brazil:

In the United States, Pican Hakat is called Top Sirloin Cap or Coolot Steak. In any case, this piece of meat is typically found in three different meat cuts: midsection, incline, or round, so it isn’t difficult to track down. In this way, on the off chance that the butcher isn’t utilized to Picanha, request a top sirloin cap when purchasing and ask that they leave a layer of fat on the meat.

Fat Layer:

The layer of fat ought to be around 1/2 inch (1 cm) thick and ought not to be skimmed off as the juices will prepare the meat during cooking and add flavor when eaten. Be that as it may, you can choose the thickness. So if you believe it’s excessively thick for your enjoyment, you can manage it down. You can likewise score the fat with a brought forth design (don’t cut the meat!), which makes it more straightforward for the salt to infiltrate the fat and meat.

Meat planning:

To start with, carry the meat to room temperature; eliminate it from the cooler with regards to an hour before setting it up. Then, cut all the silver skin off the meat.


The conventional strategy is to generously prepare the meat. All in all, season it with coarse salt. Be that as it may, different kinds of flavors can likewise be utilized. In any case, be cautious when utilizing different flavors. For instance, heat consumes meat, so add pepper once the meat is cooked.

How thick is it to cut meat?

The thickness of the meat cut relies upon how you set it up. While getting ready as a steak for baking, cut the meat into cuts 1″ to 11/4″ thick (2.5 cm). To barbecue or sous vide it, slice the Picanha to a thickness of 1½ inches (4 cm).

Barbecued Picagna Steak:

Steaks ought to be barbecued utilizing the opposite straightforward strategy. To begin with, the meat ought to be cut into cuts around 1 ½ inch (4 cm). Second, the cuts ought to be barbecued utilizing roundabout warming as opposed to coordinating warming. Third, the inner temperature of the meat ought to never surpass 120°F/48°C. Likewise, when you flip the steak, utilize a tie. On the off chance that you utilize a fork, the meat will stick and the sauce will leak through. At long last, when the meat is finished (requires around 6 minutes for each side), prepare the meat over an open fire or charcoal.

Rest the meat:

It is critical to allow the meat to rest before cutting it, as it invests in some opportunity for the sauce to infiltrate and reallocate the meat. Assuming that you avoid this progression, the juices will remain on a superficial level and remain on the plate when you eat, bringing about dry meat.

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