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Turmeric is used in lots of Asian cuisine, but did you know it is a potent antifungal too? Learn how you can use it to combat a Candida overgrowth.

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The best prescription and natural antifungals to use in your Candida treatment, as well as some natural Candida-fighting foods with antifungal properties.

In order to eliminate harmful candida overgrowth, it is essential to use some of these natural antifungal supplements and herbs to reduce yeast in the body.

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In this post, we’re going to share 3 garlic-based home remedies. Garlic is a natural, powerful anti-fungal that’ll help us eliminate the yeast infections quickly and effectively. 0 Share Vaginal yeast infections are a common problem for many …

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Natural Antifungal Herbs. by JEFFREY RICE Aug. For less serious fungal infections, natural, herbal remedies have been shown to help.

What Are Good Natural Antifungals?Antifungal remedies designed to protect your life. The nine natural antifungals (below) can help reinforce the effects of proper diet and probiotics, reduce candida cells, and help restore your health.

Antifungal medications, such as an antifungal cream, are often overprescribed and dangerous. Check out these 9 natural antifungal remedies instead.

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Oregano oil is a proven antifungal that you can use in your Candida treatment. Use it with a combination of probiotics and a healthy, low sugar diet.